We work with our clients from concept development to staffing and execution. We work to fully understand their goals and challenges, providing them with creative and nontraditional marketing that hits its target.

By knowing the needs, wants and aspirations of your target market, we create engaging and experiential campaigns. We dictate trends and talk to your target audience directly or through key influencers. We produce results ending in the delivery of a memorable brand experience. Whatever your challenge is we’ve helped our clients build brand awareness and increase sales.

  • Experiential Marketing
  • GrassRoots Marketing
  • Promotional Staffing
  • Brand Strategy & Planning
  • Digital and Viral Campaigns

PMI’s Brand development group uses research, insight and 15 years of experience to create strategies that reach the masses, while maintaining credibility and legitimacy of opinion-leaders and influencers.  PMI’s grassroots and Alternative Methods are the most effective ways to develop a relationship with the ‘youth’ market. We develop and execute unique on-site experiences that resonate with the consumers.  PMI uses the latest insights and technology to create digital content and platforms to activate social media that connects with the Youth and Urban market.

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