We work with our clients from concept development to staffing and execution. We work to fully understand their goals and challenges, providing them with creative and nontraditional marketing that hits its target.

Creating Memorable Experiences for Your Customers

By knowing the needs, wants and aspirations of your target market, we create engaging and experiential campaigns. We dictate trends and talk to your target audience directly or through key influencers. We produce results ending in the delivery of a memorable brand experience. Whatever your challenge is we’ve helped our clients build brand awareness and increase sales.

Connecting Brands and Consumers for 20 Years

Our brand development group uses research, insight and over 20 years of experience to create strategies that reach the masses, while maintaining credibility and legitimacy of opinion-leaders and influencers. PMI’s grassroots and alternative methods are the most effective ways to develop a relationship with your customers. We develop and execute unique on-site experiences that resonate with the consumer. PMI uses the latest insights and technology to create digital content and platforms to activate social media that connects with the Youth and Urban markets.

What We Offer

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Experential Marketing

PMI started its business in Experiential Marketing, providing in your face ‘brand experiences” instead of simple traditional marketing. Our brand experiences resonate in the consumers’ minds, increasing your brand’s impact. Our services intertwine your brand into the consumer’s lifestyle where they live, work and play. Some of our experential services include:

College Campus Activation
PMI has a network of influential college reps uniquely positioned to activate on their respective campuses. We create client based ‘Study Break’ sessions hosted by our influential students during stressful midterm and final exam periods. Student groups will secure a lounge area where they can be given  pizza and drinks free of charge as well as promotional items and giveaways. Some of the things we secure for these groups include DJs who play todays contemporary music, barbers, manicurists and massage therapists who offer their services to students at no charge, all to create an experience in which students can interact and engage with our client’s products.
In-Store Demonstrations
PMI’s network of promotion models are trained to engage consumers and create an experience for potential consumers inside/outside of store/malls.
Mobile Tours

PMI creates inner city and city to city mobile tours that include Retail, Nightlife, and Community events in each city. PMI’s network of brand ambassadors introduce brands to celebrities, cultural influencers and the masses in each major market.

Our MetroPCS “Metro Challenge” activation which ran during the holiday season. PMI Conceptualized and executed an activation for Metro PCS, creating a “Game Show” aboard a clear box truck to prove that Metro PCS has faster speeds than its competitors. Everyone won a prize & some even won Concert and Brooklyn Nets Tickets. All while increasing awareness for MetroPCS’ latest specials and generating additional foot traffic and sales.

DJ Programs

The connection between music and the urban market is a very organic relationship that PMI understands.

PMI leverages its unmatched relationship with the most influential DJs across the country to make them evangelists for your brand. Our DJ programs strengthen the organic connection between a brand and its consumers.

They are the voice of the crowd, have the pulse of the street, the ever-changing style, vibe and vision of “What’s Hot”. Each of our celebrity DJs stands on their own. This key influencer group can collectively brand your marketing message into the urban consumers mindset.

Influencer Marketing

PMI uses it’s established relationships with influential celebrities, entertainers and tastemakers. We enlist our elite group of core media influencers to assist in spreading our clients’ message. Selected tastemakers have millions of social media followers via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram awaiting their next post.

PMI is the driving force behind the annual Global Spin Awards, which brings together the worlds biggest names in music, and boasts our network to the fullest.

Product Placement

We leverage our relationships with celebrities and entertainers to have brands placed on their backs, music videos, reality TV episodes, studios, booths etc. in an organic fashion. PMI was behind the product placement in the music video for the mega successful hit “Shots” by LMFAO ft. Lil Jon, where Ciroc is featured front and center.  

    Grassroots Marketing

    PMI’s grassroots marketing services create brand awareness and drive sales.  We create maximum results while using minimal resources.  As non-traditional marketing experts we help introduce consumers to your brand and leverage our connections and relations with key influencers to deliver a high return on your investment.

      Promotional Staffing

      Our staffing services cover a wide range of options. Whether your need is an experienced street team or an attractive, outgoing model to promote your brand, our professional promotions representatives are experienced at being the public face of your brand. We make sure our promotion representatives are immersed in your target market and accepted as knowledgeable peers when delivering your marketing message.

      Our Promotional staffing services include:

      • Brand Ambassadors
      • Costumed Characters
      • Promo Models
      • Trade Show/ Event Staffing

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