[With this week’s announcement of music star Swizz Beatz hosting the upcoming Global Spin Awards in New York City, SOHH reached out to founder Shawn Perez to find out more on teaming up with Swizzy, what competition people can look forward to and much more!]

I can honestly say that there was very little effort put into my decision for choosing Swizz [Beatz] as this year’s host; he was a natural pick. He has been a fan of every award show and has supported the GSA movement from the start.

Recognizing the DJs that have made enormous contributions to the culture is just as important to him as it is for me. His heart is into this and that’s what truly matters.

New York is the home of the DJ culture, which is why we choose it every year. NY offers cultural significance to the art of DJing. This city adds elements of authenticity to the award show itself.

It makes these DJs feel like they are coming home, as it serves as the mecca of the DJ community. I would consider moving it to LA, but at this point there are no plans to.

2014 Global Spin Awards Video Recap:

When you watch award shows, you see the DJs as the back drop to notable artists and celebrities. It means everything for A list talent to not come out for themselves or to be the star, but for the DJs behind their music.

DJs are on the front line to the top hits and for the artists. These DJs give their music life and exposure before the song hits the charts.

This has always been a dream of mine and I am always excited to see a gathering of the world’s most dynamic DJs in one room. It’s never been done before.

Every year it is our responsibility to push the envelope and provide an amazing show the revolves around the DJs. Being a nominee is a win in and of itself, especially when you are being recognized in a category among thousands of DJs.

The 4th Annual Global Spin Awards will be the best one yet as we’ll have big talent and big performances.

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