Afrika Bambaataa to Receive Lifetime Achievement Award via XXL Magazine.

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Afrika Bambaataa, the godfather of hip-hop, will be acknowledged for all he’s done for the culture and music. The founding member of the Universal Zulu Nation is set to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Global Spin Awards, which take place on Nov. 17 at the PlayStation Theater in New York City.

Afrika Bambaataa’s vital role in developing hip-hop and bringing it to an audience outside of its humble origins make him a natural choice for the Global Spin Awards, a ceremony which honors DJs from both the past and present. The Bronx DJ is credited with coining the term hip-hop, at least its first published interview form that is, and played an instrumental role in it becoming a global phenomenon.
Afrika Bambaataa released the now iconic single “Planet Rock” with his group the Soulsonic Force in 1982. The song not only made a mark in hip-hop, but also helped establish the electro funk subgenre. Bambaataa and the Soulsonic Force would later release Planet Rock: The Album, one of the seminal albums in hip-hop’s early days. Be it his music or the work he’s done with the Zulu Nation, Bambaataa’s legacy in hip-hop is unparalleled.

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